Our Approach

Our Approach

Let's face it, you have a business to run.  Having computer issues, internet downtime, or any technology issues is preventing you from getting your work done.  We want to help you by keeping your systems healthy and your business moving along steadily.  We treat every system as if it was our own, making sure everything is configured properly and setup in a way to keep your business running.

Our Story

Our Goal

Keeping your business running is our goal.  We design and implement solutions to meet your current business needs, while also anticipating how they can grow with you in the future.


Jeremy Fennessy


Jeremy has helped shape culture and lead technology driven solutions for multiple organizations in the Chicagoland area. His foundation is in network security and extends to business process management and employee engagement. Having worn multiple hats over the years, both in the client and consulting roles, Jeremy strives to provide simplified solutions to clients who already have enough on their plates.

Jeremy has a Master's in Business Administration from Saint Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree from Elmhurst College.

Next Steps...

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